All lease agreements include specific information on what is expected when vacating a property.  The following information is taken directly from your lease agreement:

Security Deposit Agreement

Tenant will not consider this security deposit as a deposit towards the last months rent.

Tenant agrees to the following procedures regarding the tenants’ obligations to be secured by the security deposit. In the event that the contractor shall be required to apply the amount of the security deposit to any obligations of the tenant, the tenant will immediately, upon demand, deposit additional funds with the contractor to bring the amount equal to the amount deposited prior thereto. Failure to do so shall, in contractors’ option, be deemed to be cause for termination of lease. Interest will not be paid on tenants’ deposit. Security deposits are refundable to the Tenant thirty (30) days after Contractor takes possession of the Premises, providing that the following obligations have been fulfilled:

1. When Tenant is required to give a thirty (30) day notice of termination of lease, whether the notice of termination is given or not, the Tenant is still responsible for all rents and utility expenses to the end of that thirty (30) day period of time.

2. That all keys and garage door openers are turned into contractor in person. Tenant maintains possession of the Premises until contractor receives all keys and/or garage door openers.

3. All utility bills for which tenant is responsible are brought current. If not, agent may deduct these expenses from tenants’ security deposit. Utilities such as gas and electricity must be left on. No outstanding rent charges are due… That all late fees are current along with interest, postage and attorney fees for eviction and non-sufficient check charges.

4. That there is no damage to the premises other than what is generally referred to as normal wear and tear.

5. The unit must be left clean and all damage repaired, including the following:
A. All carpets must be vacuumed, and then the carpets must be professionally cleaned by an approved carpet cleaning company. A receipt for said cleaning must be presented to contractor at vacate walk-thru.
B. Curtains/Blinds must be in working order with no signs of breakage. Provided window treatments must be cleaned by an approved professional cleaning company.
C. Windows washed inside and out.
D. Ashes removed from all fireplaces and woodstoves.
E. Porches, patios, garage floors and walkways swept and/or hosed off.
F. Walls left in good condition. Finger print and picture outlines washed off. Dirt removed doors, casings, trim, and cupboards.
G. Appliances to be, carefully and without causing damage, moved and cleaned underneath. Stove pans, if stained, are to be replaced. Vents above range to be free of dust and grease, inside and out. All appliances must be left clean both inside and out.
H. Operable light bulbs in every socket inside and out. Bugs are to be removed from all globes and light fixtures. Operable light bulbs are to be placed in all appliances. Use flood bulbs where intended.
I. That tubs, showers, sinks, glass doors, and fixtures must be cleaned and scum-free. Mirrors and medicine cabinets washed and toilet bowls and seats cleaned.
J. That lawn is raked and mowed, flower beds are weeded and in good appearance. That snow is removed from sidewalks, walkways, and driveways.
K. That all drawers and cupboards be cleaned with no crumbs or remains left inside.
L. That smoke detectors are operable and with a working battery.
M. That all debris is removed from the apartment, home, garage and basement disposed of in proper containers and removed from premises.
N. That there is no maintenance needed; screens needing to be replaced, windows broken, closet doors hanging and working correctly, plumbing and drains operable, doors installed, drawers on rollers, furnace filters replaced, knobs not needing replacing on drawers and doors, broken globes replaced, light bulbs replaced, banisters tightened, etc.
Forwarding addresses and phone number’s are required upon move-out.
Repairs/Maintenance performed by Contractor is subject to a minimum one hour charge.
Repairs/Cleaning/Maintenance performed by outside contractors will be charged an additional $10 bookkeeping fee.