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Property Owners

Analyzing Trends

Coeur d’Alene Idaho (Kootenai County) is a fast growing, positive appreciating area. Being landlords, we understand that with this fast growth comes constant change. Therefore, our company analyzes market trends weekly to maximize your cash flow and the speedy rental of your properties. One constant change that goes along with our fast growth is rental rates. In some seasons it is better to lower the rental rate or offer a move-in incentive to get an occupant.  Other seasons allow higher rental rates.

Marketing & Advertising

In order to get your property rented, getting the word out is the best way to do so. D&M Management LLC uses newspapers, television, the internet, real estate companies, flyers, local chambers of commerce and word-of-mouth as our main advertising.

D&M Management LLC is unparalleled in it’s low vacancy rates and online presence. No matter where you search online, D&M Management is there, with your rental property front and center offering extensive photos and virtual tours.


  • Maintaining the property during vacancy: overseeing of lawn maintenance, heat and water surveillance to keep pipes from freezing during the winter months, overseeing cleaning, security, handling of utility bills
  • Detailed screening of prospective tenants including credit checks, criminal background checks, rental reference checks, job references and income ratios
  • Handling of utilities during transitions between tenants
  • Rubber Duck Maintenance & Repair LLC oversees care of all maintenance issues your property may have
  • Maintaining a regular schedule of lawn fertilization, changing/cleaning of air filters and any other general home maintenance to which only a home “owner” would attend
  • Handling of warranties with the builder if your property is brand new
  • Walk-through of the property upon move-in and move-out (video) of tenants
  • Extensive photos of your property
  • Monthly and yearly managing of the financial aspect of your property